Shopping for a New Home? 

Look behind the walls, under the carpets and in the attic for financial advantages.

There’s nothing like a professionally decorated model home loaded with dazzling options to make you forget the many practical aspects of home ownership.  Swept away by designer fabrics and furnishings, it’s hard to think about the long-term cost of maintenance and day-to-day living in your beautiful new home.  It’s harder still to think about something like energy use, but energy efficiency could be the key to getting more new home for your money.

Mortgage lenders know that energy-efficient homes use the most up-to-date construction technology.  That means they cost less to own and maintain, so they increase their owners’ monthly cash flow.  That also means that these homes tend to have higher appraisal and resale values, making them better long-term investments.

Because of these financial advantages, many lenders are willing to “stretch” their qualifying ratios when you purchase an energy-efficient home.  That could make you eligible for a larger mortgage, so you may be able to purchase a more expensive home or include more custom options.

Want more new home for your money?  Think energy efficiency!   Go ahead and order that luxurious spa bathroom, you’ll probably be able to cover the additional mortgage cost with your monthly energy savings.

All Bob Ward Companies homes are built to be energy-efficient. They carry the ENERGY STAR® certification of the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, which means that they are 15 percent more energy efficient than required by code.  A Bob Ward Companies sales representative will be happy to explain the higher debt-to-income ratios and the lower income requirements offered by lenders when you buy one of the builder’s energy-efficient homes.